We are a branch of the Living Faith Church Worldwide.

Our vision, as delivered to the Presiding Bishop, Dr. David Oyedepo, is

To liberate the world from all oppression of the devil

through the preaching of the Word of Faith



November 2015


Heaven on Earth greetings in Jesus’ name.

I believe that everyone of us have been a partaker of the recently concluded second phase of the Wonder Double prophetic visitation tagged ‘Operation Rescue 2015’ Prophetic Agenda, which has unveiled a glimpse of heaven as validated by lots of humbling testimonies in our midst. My prayer is that this shall remain the experience of each one of us for life (Amen).

But what is the Spirit of the Lord saying concerning the month of November 2015?



  • Understanding the Power of Praise
  • Wonders of Praise



    Shalom kwa miaka sita kulikuwa na mafarakano na mizozo iliyo kithiri ndani ya familia yetu ambayo ilipelekea baba na mama yangu hata kufikia kutengana vyumba vya kulala na kushindwa hata kuongea ili hali wakiwa wanakaa nyumba moja.


    Lakini nilipo jiunga na hudumaa hii ombi langu kubwa kwa Mungu nilimwambia Mungu arejeshe upendo wa familia yangu ambao uliibiwa na shetani kwa miaka mingi, nilijaribu kumshirikisha mchungaji msaidizi tukaomba Mungu naye akatenda kwa mshangao mkubwa sana.


    Leo hii nipo kwenye familia yenye amani na upendo ambao sikuwahi kuuona hapo awali utukufu kwa Mungu

    Japhet K.

    l was assigned to UN Mission in Liberia in April 2014 and whilst there l joined Winners Ministry in Monrovia and just after 3 months the Ebola outbreak was declared and l was assigned to lead the construction of Ebola Treatment Units in Ebola prone areas. It was so scaring since all the places we were working in had cases of Ebola deaths.


    l called of the resident pastor and informed him l can't come to church anymore because Ebola is spreading fast. He told me don't worry you have divine protection where ever you go, Ebola won't affect you.


    For sure l continued working and some of my workmates died but l did not contract the disease.


    l give all the Glory to God for the protection and l am back from my mission.

    Emmanuel A.