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Job restoration after 5 years
In 2009 my husband was fired from his work place and since then he has been unemployed. We was believing God for his new job during all this time, and this year's 21 days prayer and fasting it was one . . .
Rose Nguli
Healed from tumor
During whole night prayers on 6th,March, 2015.There was direct connection from Canaan land. During the prayers by man of God Bishop Oyedepo,Tumor which was below my stomach disappeared. I thank God for . . .
Godwin Mwiru
Ukichaa Wapona
Siku ya kwanza ya mfungo huu wa siku 21 adui alijiinua kwenye familia yetu. Nilipigiwa simu kutoka kijijini kwamba kaka yetu alikuwa anapiga kelele kwamba kuna mtu anamfukuza na panga na kukumbilia msituni . . .
Grace Friday
God has made me a year younger
Heaven on earth! I would like thank for adding me one more year and making me a year younger, I celebrated my birthday on the 31st January 2015. I give all the glory to GOD.
James Basil
A child started walking after 2 years of infirmity
In December 2012 God blessed our family with a miracle baby girl who was born prematurely at 8 months gestation which according to medical practice such children they hardly survive, but I hold onto God . . .
Martha Jerome
Restoration of a Machine
I had a machine for producing sunflower oil which I hired to my neighbor by trust without any written document. This person then forged ownership documents and tried to sell the machine without my knowledge. . . .
Herieth Luta
Divine Protection
Jumapili jioni nikiwa natoka kumtumikia Mungu. ilitokea gari upande wangu wa kulia (airport) ikaingia barabara kuu ghafla na kwa speed ikaovertake pia gari ilokuwa mbele yangu! kidogo ikafunga break, na . . .
Joyce Ngwilimi
I am a student at TUMAINI UNIVERSITY DAR ES SALAAM, and when I was about to take my semester exams I asked the Lord to distinguish me and make me enjoy Heaven on Earth reality according to this year's . . .
Kennedy Mwasanga